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Borrowing, Poaching, Plagiarising, Pirating, Stealing, Gleaning, Referencing, Leaking, Copying, Imitating, Adapting, Faking, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Reproducing, Using, Counterfeiting, Repeating, Cloning, Translating
A. Francke, E. Weinmayr, ed

25 x 21 cm, 140 pages, b&w, digital print
Published, designed and produced by AND

Hooray! After the launch at the New York Art Book Fair the Piracy Project Reader is now in the shop. It explores the vocabulary that has become relevant while we were working on the Piracy Project and contains essays and contributions by Dave Hickey, Eva Hemmungs-Wirten, Joanne McNeil, Karen Di Franco, Lionel Bently, Prodromos Tsiavos, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento and awaits prospective essays by James Bridle, Stephen Wright and 16 others. Courtroom drawings are by Stephanie Thandiwe Johnstone. Many thanks to all supporter buying a share in one of the chapters. More...

£14 (plus shipping)

Murder in Marrakech
S Wardell / Collaborative Editor Laura Melcion
Published 21st December 2014
Printed by Blurb
Published using AND Public
Put together by Pudding Press
Bound hardcover 13 x 20cm : ISBN 9781320312646
Bound paperback 13 x 20 cm: ISBN 9781320312653

Six short stories: Murder in Marrakech is a walk through the city, through art and through life. Reminiscences of art shows mix with anecdotes from everyday London and fevered dreams of the fine art world.

A regretful workaholic Jools roams around London trying to get to the bottom of his spiritual crisis. Pumpkin goes to Marrakech to Kill. Is it too late to learn to live again? There comes a time when we all have to decide.

Hardcover £35.00 / Paperback £19.95

£5.49 (plus shipping)

£8.99 (plus shipping)

The Eterphilous Society
Emma Smith and Lucia Garavaglia
Issue 01 2014

10, 79 cm x 17.46 cm, 52 pages
Bound Paperback
Printed by Lulu
Published using AND Public

The Eterphilous Society is an art project to explore the notion of intimacy in its public appearance, its modes of distribution, and the role it plays in the development of an individual’s sense of personal and social identity. Featuring the documentation of the Eterphilous Society Inaugural Lecture and the first confession of The Eterphilous Game, performed by artist Emma Smith and including a text by guest contributor Cigdem Esin, this publication delves into the development of personal narratives tracing the history of confession to the present day. For more information please visit

£5 (plus shipping)


Internet Directory
Daniel Temkin

A0, individual pages (total of 37,732), b&w, digital print
Published by AND

The Internet Directory is a work by Brooklyn based artist Daniel Temkin. The 37,732-page loose leaf publication has an edition of one and compiles all .com domain names ever registered (115 million in February 2014). Printed out, this book would be six meters high.
We sell the individual A0 large pages on a print-on-demand basis. If you buy a page of the book you'll be the proud owner of one part of a publication whose single pages are spread around the world.
Get in touch if you want to buy more than one page at the time to not overpay on shipping and also for orders to other destinations.

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I/O : I Like The Idea & Jpeg (De)Generation

29.7 x 21cm, 400 pages
A4 Ringbound Book
Printed by Lulu
Published by Stinsensqueeze using AND Public

The first iteration from investigation I/O ( Input/Output) – I/O : I Like The Idea & Jpeg (De)Generation is a collaboration between STSQ & Patrick Coyle, with a short essay by Antonia Shaw. Initiated by curiosity, the works within look at how the image and word can be sculpted through exhaustively applying digital processes - the miscommunication and degeneration caused by digital translation.

£22.99 black & white (plus shipping)

I/O : I Love The Idea & Printer (De)Generation

29.7 x 21cm, 400 pages
A4 Ringbound Book
Printed by Lulu
Published by Stinsensqueeze using AND Public

The first iteration from investigation I/O ( Input/Output) – I/O: I Love The Idea & Printer (De)Generation is a collaboration between STSQ & Patrick Coyle, with a short essay by Antonia Shaw. Initiated by curiosity, the works within look at how the image and word can be sculpted through exhaustively applying digital processes - the miscommunication and degeneration caused by digital translation.

£22.99 black & white (plus shipping)

Manual Labours Manual (Issue 2)
Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards

210 x 297mm 28 pages, colour or black & white,
digital print on cotton paper, three hole pamphlet stitch
Published by Cultural Democracy Editions using AND Public
Printed by AND recycled

Manual Labours Manual #2 builds on research developed through a series of workshops with a complaints team in a London Borough Council and cultural workers in Melbourne, Helsinki and Stockholm throughout 2014. This second issue explores the overlaps between the fields of complaining and criticality in order to explore affinities between these different work forces and find out where and how the body is put to work in these two seemingly unconnected

£6 black & white (including shipping)
£11 colour (including shipping)


Nadia Hebson

Magazine, 22 x 28 cm, 124 pages, full colour Published by Nadia Hebson using AND Public Designed by Kaisa Lassinaro Supported by Newcastle University and The Derek Hill Foundation Printed by Blurb ISBN 978-1-908452-48-1

Work made in response to the paintings, drawings, correspondence, clothing and interior design of British artist Winifred Knights, 1899-1947, (an expanded legacy).

Winifred Knights, a little known British artist, was the first woman to hold a Rome Scholarship. Well regarded during her lifetime, her early death and diminutive body of work, have lead to her legacy being little considered. Nadia Hebson reconsiders the breadth of Knights’ oeuvre and explores the significance of Knights’ clothing, correspondence and interior design in relation to her paintings. The magazine brings together painting, text and objects made in comprehension of Knights’ work.

£13.50 (plus shipping)

Sophia Moseley

100x70mm, 32 pages
Hand bound three-hole pamphlet stitch
Printed by Tuckey Print
Published by Sophia Moseley using AND Public

Bee B.O is a documentation of observations on the human condition,
told through recorded conversations, short stories, poetry and appropriated imagery. For more information, please contact me at

£4 (plus shipping)

Georgia Iacovou
Modern Living

20x14.5cm, 56 pages
3 hole pamphlet stitch
Printed by The Newspaper Club
Published by Georgia Lacovou using AND Public

A guidebook for the Modern Man or Woman; helpful suggestions on how to avoid falling into a monotonous, tedious state of living. Each edition is hand stamped by the artist.

£6 (plus shipping)

Victoria Turnbull
Folio and quarto

148 x 210mm, 20 pages, black and white, five hole pamphlet stitch
Published and bound by the artist using AND Public

An anthology of prints, collages and text by the artist Victoria Turnbull on and about paper. The work was produced in January 2014 as part of Working in the Edges II with AND publishing at the Showroom Gallery. Victoria Turnbull is an artist based in London, whose mixed media practice is a close examination of structures and systems in the world around her. This is her first book.

£20 (including shipping)


A5 (1485 x 210) 80 pages
Black & White digital print and litho inserts and over, perfect bound
Published by COPY using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-37-5

Charts presents a collection of writing and visual works that explore a relationship to the site of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Developed through a series of field trips to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the works form connections to the Bretton Estate and its associations with education, leisure, display, the retreat and the archive. The project sought to explore and challenge the tradition of the creative retreat and the notions of solitude, connection with the land, clarity and the natural beauty often ingrained within it.

 £12.50 (including shipping)

Papers, Fictions, Scripts and Circles

105 x 297mm 44 pages
Risograph and digital inserts, three hole pamphlet stitch
Published by COPY using AND Public

Exploring forms, processes, structures and concerns within contemporary art writing and publishing, Papers, Fictions, Scripts & Circles features ‘notes’ contributed by seventeen invited speakers brought together as part of print it: COPY in residence at Site Gallery, 10th August – 8th September 2012.

 £8.50 (including shipping)

Through the Haze of Art Appreciation
Ib Vindbjerg

15.24cm x 22.86cm 124 pages
Perfect-bound Ppperback textbook with 6 illustrations
Printed by Lulu
Published by Ib Vindbjerg using AND Public
ISBN 9781908452450

This book offers some suggestions on how to open up an art experience, by applying a series of perspectives that reflect on art theory. But, rather than discuss theories at length, it instead sees these in terms of ways of seeing. - The approach to art you will find here is intended to allow such different theories to be integrated into the art experience. - Having worked in art education in London for a decade (among them CSM and Tate Modern) Ib here explores how to build a foundation from where one can build an enriching engagement with art. It was conceived as 'The Book I Wish I'd had at Art College.'

For more info please see

 £6.99 (plus shipping)


The Junk Ships on Alibaba (Piracy Paper #3)
Joanne McNeil

20 x 12 cm, 12 pages, colour, three hole pamphlet stitch
Printed by AND recycled on cyclus
Published by AND

The third of the Piracy Papers, a series that explores material previously published on the internet in connection with our research around books, intellectual property and how we deal with the work of others.
In this short story Joanne McNeil describes a series of encounters with different types of counterfeit cultures around the world and their interaction with digital technologies.

 £3 (plus shipping)

The Author of Everything (Piracy Paper #2)
James Bridle

22.5 x 13,5 cm, 8 pages, black & white, three hole pamphlet stitch
Printed by AND recycled on cotton paper
Published by AND

The second of the Piracy Papers, a series that explores material previously published on the internet in connection with our research around books, intellectual property and how we deal with the work of others.
In this short story James Bridle explores the possibilities and practices created by the current practice to employ workers overseas to digitize classic English literature into e-books. What are the systems that guarantee the truthful "transformation" of these texts.
Apropos—instability of texts. What have you been reading?

 £3 (plus shipping)

Jackson Hole (Piracy Papers#1)
Michael Eddy, Grandpa Eddy
21 x 12,5 cm, 10 pages, black & white, digital print on recycled paper, three hole pamphlet stitch, printed by AND
Published by AND

The first of a series of Piracy Papers that explores material previously published on the internet in connection with our research around copyright, intellectual property and how we relate to the creations of others.

Michael Eddy exchanges a series of emails with his grandfather about the re-creation of the eponymous American town on the outskirts of Beijing, China. Michael is currently living in Beijing and his grandfather lives close to the original Jackson Hole. They both exchange their personal impressions as well as general information about these two places — that although connected — 
are so different from each other.

£3 (plus shipping)

Manual Labours Manual (Issue 1)
Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards

210 x 297mm 28 pages, colour or black & white,
digital print on cotton paper, three hole pamphlet stitch
Published by Cultural Democracy Editions using AND Public
Printed by AND recycled
ISBN 978-0-9570282-2-7

This first issue of the Manual Labours Manual documents the initial phase of a long term research project exploring physical relationships to work. Using a low-fi cut and paste approach to the transcripts, ephemera and images collected so far, the document reconsiders current time-based structures of work (when does work start and end?) and reasserts the significance of the physical (manual) aspect of immaterial, affective and emotional labour.

£6 black & white (including shipping)
£11 colour (including shipping)


Je voudrais aller en france pour être hétérosexuel
Edward Gillman

17.6 x 17.6 cm, 71 pages, colour PDF
Published using AND Public

To what extent does language predetermine our identities as a national collective? Or further, how might we understand a representation of ourselves as a tribe through an indeterminable mass of visual imagery? Through a process of language learning this eBook attempts to generate a polemical narrative on the visual and conceptual stereotyping of tribal groups within an ever expansive digital moment. The internet is providing ever growing spaces for queer sociality yet their social representation within media narratives is still scarcely visible. Through a catalogue of stock image photography and a scripted situation the work will attempt to engender a space in which these national, sexual and political identities conflate whilst embedded within the architecture of the urban metropolis.

Download pdf here

This Mess is a Place: A Collapsible Anthology
of Collections and Clutter
Edited, Compiled and Misfiled by Zoë Mendelson

25 x 19 cm, 205 pages, digital and risograph printing, varied papers,
portfolio of pamphlets and loose leaves
Published using AND Public and supported by Wellcome Trust
30 contributors including Michel Blazy, Italo Calvino, Kathryn Spence,
Mierle Laderman Ukeles
ISBN 978-1-908452-40-5

This Mess is a Place looks at the onset of hoarding and its relationship to collection through the voices of clinicians, cultural theorists, archivists, anthropologists and artists. The idea behind the form of this anthology is that practice and artistic research can co-exist with more clinical and scientific research. It is hoped this will create overlaps and crises of ‘usefulness’ akin to the submersion of materials within a hoard or the pursuit of order within a collection. The publication itself is unbound – illogical and precarious as an object, containing loose leaves, pamphlets and nominal filing systems, gathered together in no particular order. The reader is ultimately responsible for the order (or dis-order) of the piece.

£22.50 (plus shipping)

Grey Plover works

Spirit Radio (Larry Time)
23 x 29.5 cm, 51 pages, colour, hardback, perfect bound, printed by Ubyu
Published using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-12-2

This is the first monograph dedicated to artist Grey Plover. This book is auspicious. A cobbling together of gestures; hesitation, suspense and pyramids. Like most plovers it stands very upright [tends to run, suddenly stops to feed] and is generally seen in small numbers, although flocks can form when there is a high tide. Featuring essays by Claire St. John, Archibald the Hippo King and Larry Time.

No longer for sale. We're very sorry, but the artist has sold or given away all the copies he wants in circulation.
a fjord eating its way into my arm
Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
7"x7", 104 pages, colour, digital print, perfect bound hardback, printed by Blurb,
Published using AND
Designed by Sakis Kyratzis and Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

ISBN 978-1-908452-34-4

My body is regularly haunted by other bodies, objects and spaces. They tend to be soft and without edges, spreading white light under my eyelids, white noise in my stomach, whiteout on my hands.
When this happens, my hand reaches for my iPhone to take a picture, which is instantly uploaded on Instagram. I then write.
I only have a couple of minutes to do this: a bit like holding my breath in order to breathe the atmosphere of the instance into it. During these minutes, I listen to the picture and allow its text to come forth.
The book contains a selection of this picpoetry. Neither the pictures nor the texts are edited. A little chunk of atmosphere on each page.

£39.99 (plus shipping)

On the Upgrade — WYSIWYG
Published by
A5, 116 pages, full colour, perfect bound paperback, printed by Lulu
Designed by Studio Hato
ISBN 978-1-908452-33-7

PDF version, 120 pages
ISBN 978-0-9576741-1-0

On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG is a book exhibition, or an exhibition in a book. It is a new configuration of selected material that was first presented online or for web broadcast by and operates as an artistic, curatorial and design re-alignment of material originally compiled for online consumption for the book interface. On the Upgrade — WYSIWYG is a POD book, also distributed as a PDF, which includes artworks by Jamie Allen, Renee Carmichael, David Horvitz, IOCOSE, Michael Kargl, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Julia Tcharfas, Maria Theodoraki and Richard Sides along with interviews with the featured artists that contextualise their artistic processes.

Perfect bound paperback £19.91 (plus shipping)

PDF £2.80

Flash (Back) Forward

Hester Barnard
20.98 x 29.69 cm, 338 pages, black & white, digital print, perfect bound, printed by Lulu
Designed by Hester Barnard

Flash (Back) Forward is a reproduction of the Flash Forward (Emerging Photographers From 2010) catalogue. The text of the Flash Forward exhibition catalogue has been reproduced accurately, but no photographs have been included. Each image or graphic device has been substituted with its linguistic equivalent.

£16.83 (plus shipping)
Copied Right

Hester Barnard
15.24 x 22.86 cm, 636 pages, black & white, digital print, perfect bound, printed by Lulu
Designed by Hester Barnard

Paul Goldstein’s entire book International Copyright has been screen-captured from Google Books on a 21.5-inch iMac. Even the cover design has been taken from the Google Books preview. When signs eventually substitute the real itself, they are no longer simply a case of imitation, reduplication, or parody. Copied Right is not a reproduction of a copyrighted book, but it exists as an original document.
The current limitations of the DIY screen-capture book publishing enterprise are revealed by the limit Google Books places on the previewing of particular pages. Over 500 pages featured in Goldstein's book is not shown in this book.

£17.39 (plus shipping)
The Wasteland Sculpture Park 

Beth Bramich
8.3"x5.8", 16 pages, b&w&y, softback, risograph printed by An Endless Suppy
Conceived and designed by Beth Bramich

Conceived and designed by Beth Bramich, The Wasteland Sculpture Park is a publication produced to both introduce and invite proposals for a new sculpture park. The Wasteland Sculpture Park is a project which proposes a repurposing of wasteland spaces as common ground where art could be sited in the public realm. This publication was commissioned by Wasteland Twinning Nottingham, and is part of a long-term programme of research, experimentation and public events culminating in an exhibition in October 2013.

£4 (plus shipping)
Bunker Bar Christening

Ross Taylor
A4, 44 Pages, colour on recycled paper, printed by AND
Published using AND Public
Designed by Ross Taylor and Madalina Zaharia
ISBN  978-1-908452-33-7

Bunker Bar Christening is a collection of furious fiction, totemic collages and word paint portholes. Made with the aid of screen glare and crinkling blue polski fuel, the pages of this book come straight from the civic centre and the psychic fairs, an extended adolescence of a suburban town. 

£16 (plus shipping)
Prospoieesee Post

Edited and designed by Lou Macnamara and Edward Gillman
14.8 x 21cm, 24 pages, colour, digital print, folded, printed by AND
Published using AND Public

Prospoieesee Post is a newspaper documenting the real events of a fictional micro nation. Prospoieesee, a nation state within the walls of Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross, was a short term collective of Fine Art students. The state newspaper documents the ephemeral existence of an isolated community bound together by 20 squared metres of turf. The content crosses between a document of the real events and the fictional characters and consequences played out for the camera by the citizens. The paper examines both the format of news media and the construction of national identity with mounting cynicism yet it stays true to the playful nature of the original project.

£2.50 (plus shipping)

Edited by Simone Neuenschwander and Christiane Rekade
21.5 x 28cm, 140 pages, colour, digital print, perfect bound, printed by Blurb
Published using AND Public
Designed by Noah Bonsma, Dimitri Reist B&R Grafikdesign, Bern
ISBN 978-1-908452-30-6

HOTAVANTGARDEHOTHOT serves as a reflexive space around the concept of the avant-garde and covers a two year curatorial programme by Simone Neuenschwander and Christiane Rekade at the independent exhibition space OSLO10 in Basel. Beside visual documentation of the exhibitions, the publication includes three essays "This difficulty of accurate recognition…" Claudia Blümle and Hans-Christian von Herrmann, “Things that leave me sleepless” by Gernot Wieland and “W as in Gesamtkunstwerk” by Karl Holmquist. The publication was generously supported by: Kulturförderung Appenzell Ausserrhoden, and Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt.

£18.99 (plus shipping)
Variable Format
AND Publishing and Åbäke
8.5"x 8.5", 88 pages, b&w, softback, saddle stitch, printed by Lulu
Published by AND
Designed by Åbäke
ISBN 978-1-907840-09-8

Conceived by Lynn Harris, published by AND and designed by Åbäke with Pierre Pautler, Variable Format is an experimental sample book that explores the possibilities and limitations of print on demand through a consideration of the materiality of the book - the quality of print reproduction, paper, binding, cover and size. The book has been produced in twelve formats using different options of print on demand.


£22 (plus shipping)

We Were Trying To Make Sense...
Edited by Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle
A4, 40 pages, blue risograph print, stapled, printed by An Endless Supply
Published using AND Public
Designed by An Endless Supply at Jerwood Project Space
Drawing and cover design by Justyna Scheuring

The publication looks at artist and non-artist collaborations. Chosen projects generated dialogue through collaborative processes, and worked both within and outside of institutional constraints. This publication is a platform for reflecting on these processes from a number of perspectives, looking at specific issues concerning ethics, power dynamics, communication, and representation. 

A collaboration between Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle. Contributions from Rachel Anderson of Artangel, Broniowianki Folk Group, Petra Bryant, Sophie Hoyle, Magda Fabianczyk, Tilly Fowler of AIR at CSM, Emaan Mahmud, David Roberts, Alicja Rogalska, Justyna Scheuring and Erica Scourti.

£5 (plus shipping)

1000 Idioms: Filth That Takes a Minute to Sink In
Paulius Ka
Two books in a plastic wrap
21 x 27.5 cm, 20 pages, b&w, paperback, digital print
12.5 x 18 cm, 48 pages, colour, paperback digital print
Published using AND Public
Designed by Laura Klimaite
ISBN 978-1-908452-20-7

1000 Idioms: Filth That Takes a Minute to Sink In is a project that takes a look at the way people express themselves in the age of social media. No topics are taboo; controversial statements and raw feelings become a currency to get attention and new followers. This book is a collection of virtual and real life brain slips, and is a sobering look at what lies within the collective consciousness of our time.

£8 (plus shipping)
The Fielders
David Price
13.97 x 21.59cm, 258 pages, b&w, paperback,
perfect-bound, printed by Lulu
Published using AND Public

The Fielders is a novel in which a cricket team, largely made up of young artists and writers, is formed during the spring of 1917 by highly circuitous means. Documents, works, notes, chapters and remarks are exchanged as they and their words are assembled. 

David Price is an artist and writer. For more information, enquiries, or to view examples of this text and others please consult  

£10 (plus shipping)


Shadows / Echoes II
Marianne Bjørnmyr
200 x 155 mm, 64 pages, colour, digital print on Mohawk
Superfine paper, hard back, saddle stitch, hand bound
Limited Edition of 75

The book Shadows / Echoes II presents a culmination of perceived ideas, a myriad of stories and myths, where the authors of the material have become blurred. Photographs, statements and conversations have been collected in an attempt to get closer to a system of belief in Iceland, where the existence of elves and fairies are most certainly not considered marginal; nourished by a desire to convince and to be convinced, the artist has somewhat naïvely attempted, by the use of photography, to portray this other world.

£90 (plus shipping in the UK)

Alana Kushnir
A4, 54 pages, 12 pages digital print/40 pages teal & black riso print
Printed by Hato Press
Published by Alana Kushnir using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-24-5

An exhibition-zine which acts as an afterword to the exhibition of the same name, held at Boetzelaer|Nispen gallery, Amsterdam in 2012. Content: Paraproduction: An Introduction by Alana Kushnir; The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Fordist Network Production by Jesse Darling; The Internet as Art School by John Hill; I Wore Reflective Glasses to the Dreamy Awards by Ben Vickers; Bad News by Matthew Drage; 'Doing' Art by Christopher Kulendran Thomas; exhibition images, captions & credits; biographies of participating artists and contributing writers.
£12 (plus shipping)

Alberto Duman
21cm x 21cm, 28 pages, colour, saddle stitch
Printed by
Published and designed by Alberto Duman using AND Public
978-1-908452-21-4 / 978-1-908452-22-1

Two books belly bound together as part of ongoing series 'RECORDINGS'

People Like Us
People Like Us is the result of a fascination with the images of people populating photographic hoardings of new housing developments as unique street photography subjects. These ghost citizens live their lives as replicants of People Like Us, wrapping the boundaries of building sites with seductive promises. But despite their normalised and purged status of lifestyle pleasures, once they mix with us in the street, some unqualified, unrepressed matter lurks out of these images. This is the subject of this project.

The Undead
The Undead is a photographic exploration of waste matter in transit between states. The local authority's weekly collection of food waste bins, creates a proto-scientific observatory in which the commercial genre of food photography and the painterly tradition of 'nature morte' (literally 'dead nature') are converging into new aesthetic possibilities.

Set of 2 for £25 (plus shipping)
The Lost Codex
Alberto Duman
21cm x 21cm, 28 pages, colour, saddle stitch
Printed by
Published and designed by Alberto Duman using AND Public

There was once a codex that allowed these scenes to construct a specific urban discourse, but by the time that discourse had materialised into a series of images/data the codex was gone, dispersed into a new configuration -also lost before any use could be made of it-. The point is: 'how can I perceive an order out of this loss, if the original discourse has never been read?'

£15 (plus shipping)
Reading Complex Act V - Postscript
Edited by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Catherine Yvette Serrano
A5, 40 pages, colour, saddle stitch, soft cover
Printed by AND Recycled
Published by Reading Complex using AND Public
Design by Amber Ablett
ISBN 978-1-908452-19-1

This publication takes up the challenge of bringing together the various parts of the Reading Complex project within a single bundled work on paper: in order to give an overview of what the project has accomplished, as well as to highlight the subjects addressed which merit continued dialogue and attention. With contributions by Ruth Beale, Elena Damiani, [Details on Request], Christophe Gérard, Pablo Pijnappel, Fatos Ustek, and selected artworks from the Government Art Collection by Frank Holl and Richard Wentworth.
£10 (plus shipping)

Golden Threads (Arabic edition)
Emma Smith & Oliver Sumner eds.
A5, 32 pages, b&w, Saddle-stitched, printed by Lulu
Published by Delta Arts using AND Public
Design by Samar Maakaron
ISBN 978-0-9573438-1-8

A reflection on Golden Threads: a series of four artist exchanges, organised by Delta Arts in 2010 between the UK, Denmark and Lebanon. Artists Hatem Imam, Karen Land Hansen, Emma Smith, and the duo Townley and Bradby researched the varying conditions for artists engaged in social and artist-educator practice in each location. The book includes a dialogue between Emma Smith and Oliver Sumner, contributions from the artists, quotes, project information and images.

An English edition of Golden Threads (ISBN 978-0-9573438-0-1)
is available at

£4.95 (plus shipping)


These Are The Echoes: Sound Proof 2008-2012
Monica Biagioli and Brian Reed
8"x8" Square, 90 Pages, full colour digital print, perfect binding
self published using AND Public
Designed by BAR projects
ISBN 978-1-908452-18-4

Sound Proof was a series of exhibitions of commissioned artworks with a focus on sound that in its yearly iterations was like a memory track of how the Stratford site built up towards London 2012, reflecting a complex layering of moods and views through the filter of artistic responses. This exhibition catalogue documents all 5 exhibitions from 2008 to 2012, including site documentation, 21 artistic commissions, and essays and documentation pertaining to curation, exhibition design, and multiples produced for the series.

$25 (approx £15) plus shipping


Guerrilla Writers

9 x 6 inches, 68 pages, b&w, perfect bound, printed by Lulu
Published and designed by Guerrilla Writers using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-15-3

A speculative autobiography that plots the rise, fall and sideways movement of artist and writer Nick Thurston as well as his struggle to actually write the book itself. Based in Sheffield, UK, Guerrilla Writers are a loose collection of artist-writers enamoured of the idea that re-thinking what writing can be for artists is as much use as any other practice. Through editorial collaboration, authorial displacement and textual appropriation they have written an autobiography.

£5 (plus shipping)


Compiled by Wayne Daly

174.5 x 108mm
336 pages, b&w, perfect bound, printed by Lulu
First published March 2009

In which 20,000 spammer aliases, collected between
2003 and 2008, are listed alphabetically.

£15 (plus shipping)


Here's Luck
Bettina Furnée and participating writers

A5, 32 pages, printed on Cyclus, stamped front cover,
one of series of 60 unique postcards of film stills inserted
Published by Bettina Furnée using AND Public
as part of Material Response
ISBN 978-1-908452-16-0

In 2011 Bettina Furnée spent eight weeks in Nassau as part of an international artist exchange residency between the National Gallery of The Bahamas and Ipswich & Colchester Museums. She produced a short time-lapse film Here’s Luck showing a foil tent on a beach being taken by the tide and invited eleven Bahamian writers to response to the film at the Instant Writing event at the Hub, Nassau. This booklet gives the context of the residency and eleven artists transcriptions, edited by Michael McMillan.

£6 (plus shipping)

Spaces Inbetween
Jian Wei Lim

A5, 68 Pages, full colour, digital print on recycled paper
self published using AND Public

A collection of photographs of various locations, the book seeks to use the linear form
of the book to open up the photograph and create links and threads by way of colour
and form, extracting the common amongst difference.

£12 (plus shipping)

Common Ground
Jian Wei Lim and Courtney Batson

A5, 28 Pages, colour, digital print
Published by Jian Wei Lim and Courtney Batson using AND Public

This publication presents an ongoing collaborative process, with texts that seek to
elaborate how a pictorial practice engages with notions of the common, everyday
experience of the urban environment. The book reads from both sides, meeting
in the middle with two images that serve to illustrate the concerns of the texts.

£4 (plus shipping)

Playing Half Court
Sofie Grevelius

A4, 68 pages, colour, digital print
Printed by AND recycled
Published by Sofie Grevelius using AND Public

A book of drawings, collages and prints

£17 (plus shipping)

An Incomplete Reader for the Ongoing Project,

“One day, everything will be free…” v 0.1.7
Joseph Redwood-Martinez

A4, 274 pages, b&w, colour, digital print
Published by SALT ISTANBUL using AND Public

An Incomplete Reader for the Ongoing Project, “One day, everything will be free…” is perhaps better understood as approximating software rather than a book or an exhibition catalog. Just as with software releases–where version 0.0.1 is followed indefinitely with sporadic updates, bug-fixes, and complete revisions–the publication is, and will always be, necessarily incomplete and unfinished.

The early releases include interviews with Regine Basha, Celine Condorelli, Katya Sander, and Carey Young, as well as texts by Michel Bauwens, İsmail Ertürk, David Graeber, Lawrence Liang, Matteo Pasquinelli, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Dieter Roelstraete, Joshua Simon and Slavoj Žižek—but this is always already subject to change. The update to version 0.1.6 of the reader includes the addition of interviews with artists Carey Young and Annika Eriksson, texts by Alexandru Balasescu and Federica Bueti. The update to version 0.1.8 involves a new text by Eva Weinmayr and an artist project by Burak Delier.

£12.50 (plus shipping)
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Claudio Wichert & Clemens Wilhelm

A4, 204 pages, color, digital print
Printed by Lulu
Published by Claudio Wichert & Clemens Wilhelm using AND Public

The artists Claudio Wichert & Clemens Wilhelm spend 90 days in a house to make a book. Each day they produce one page each. Like in a match of ping-pong, each page is a reaction to the other artist's work from the day before. The two resulting storylines are presented in this book full of duels and duets. The media mix and only one thing is for certain: it's all or nothing. (With a text by Iris Musolf) (This book is in English & German)

The 90-day-residency at Buitenwerkplaats (NL) was supported by Pepinieres Europeennes pour Jeunes Artistes in the framework of the Map Program 2011-12, BKVB Fonds (currently the Mondriaan Fund), TransArtists & Stichting Buitenwerkplaats. More info:

€29 (plus shipping)


Shampoo Silenced by K. Lassinaro
K. Lassinaro

A4, 100 pages, b&w, digital print
Printed by AND Recycled
Published by K. Lassinaro using AND Public

In this book, published in the format of a Hollywood screeplay, artist Kaisa Lassinaro
“silenced” the screenplay Shampoo, written by Robert Towne and Warren Beatty
in 1975, by removing all dialogue.

£6 (plus shipping in the UK)

The Piracy Collection as of 25.11.2011
Andrea Francke & Eva Weinmayr

21 × 15.4 cm, 90 pages, b&w, digital print
Published by AND Publishing

This booklet printed in black and white with a blank library card slid into the front cover contains the full catalogue of the books in The Piracy Collection received by November 25.11.2011. It is a presents a specific point in time, as the collection is constantly evolving. Alongside a introductory text the catalogue contains cover images and short descriptions of the submitted book projects demonstrating a many different strategies and approaches to un-authorised copying and piracy.

£6 (plus shipping in the UK)

Three Letter Words - OMG
Publish & Be Damned

A4, 40 pages, colour, digital print edition
Printed by AND Recycled
Published by Publish & Be Damned using AND Public

Three Letter Words is the Publish & Be Damned magazine of alternative publishing and distribution. Edited by Kit Hammonds, Louise O’Hare and Kate Phillimore. Cover Design
by Ben Friedman

Issue 1: OMG, September 2011. Featuring work by Sara MacKillop, Daniel Wilkinson, Toril Johannessen, Richard Parry on Augusto De Campos, interview with Della Van Hise and Antonia Blocker. For more information, please go to


Cullinan Richards

A4, 100 pages, colour, digital print
loose pages on different paper stocks with belly band
Published by Cullinan Richards using AND Public
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-908452-06-1

Several years of work collapsed into image, text and tactility. Printed as a limited
edition, print on demand and available as downloadable pdf's per section, Collapse
re-presents the practice of Cullinan Richards with exhibition images, correspondence,
critical texts and Savage School. Bound with a belly band and instructions to punch holes
and use your own binder. This is the print on demand edition. For the limited edition or pdf
downloads, please go to

£22 (plus £7 shipping in the UK)

A Faithful Image
Sonya Derman, Jill Gardner, Mary Hallam, Daphne Marr, Jean Stanford

16.8 × 26 cm, perfect-bound paperback, 48 pages
Printed by Lulu
Published by Royal College of Art using AND Public
Designed by Sophie Demay
ISBN: 978-1-907342-47-9

Over two months, a small group formed at Southwark Pensioners Centre whose members were open to making art in less traditional ways. We used an intuitive, memory-based process of drawing, writing, painting, and discussion to explore the connections between past and present; between private and shared experience. Working through confusion to accept the production of awkward images, the group came to terms with drawings and paintings that ‘aren’t perfect’. These images reflect their own truth of seeing and remembering.

£8 (plus shipping in the UK)


Community Without Propinquity
Inheritance Projects

26 x 19 cm, 116 pages, digital offset & risograph printed with clip binding
Published by Inheritance Projects with Milton Keynes Gallery using AND Public
Co-produced by AND and An Endless Supply
ISBN 978-1-908452-10-8

A publication produced on the occasion of the exhibition 'Community Without Propinquity' at Milton Keynes Gallery, October to November 2011. Includes new commissions alongside material from the exhibition. Contributors: Amanda Beech, Paulo Catrica, Nathan Coley, Caroline Devine, Cao Fei, Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Pierre Huyghe, Jesal Kapadia, Kelly Large, Minouk Lim, Wayne Lloyd, Vincent Meessen, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Pia Rönicke, Emma Smith, Patrick Staff, Mark Aerial Waller, Stuart Whipps, Bai Xiaoci, Huang Xiaopeng.

£8 (plus £3 shipping in the UK)

New Society of Dilettanti
The Black Merkin

4.3 x 6.9 in. 276 pages, perfect bound paperback
Printed by Lulu
Published by New Society of Dilettanti using AND Public
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 copyright
ISBN 978-1-908452-07-8

1 Novel, 170 Authors. A crowd-sourced project managed by Laura Edbrook and Norman James Hogg under the transitory moniker New Society of Dilettanti. 170 individuals were asked to rewrite an entire romance novel using a ‘tribal’ model of authorship. Participants received sections via email to be rewritten following only a few basic instructions. The result is The Black Merkin—a ‘new’ novel bearing little if any resemblance to the donor text. It is equally a ‘broken’ novel; the unrestrained swarm of authorial impulsions hollows out narrative structure and coherence. For full project details go to:

£6.39 (plus shipping)


Mir Gwilliam-Parkes
Journey Through An Image

25 x 20 cm, 60 pages, colour, digital print, perfect bound
Printed by Blurb
Published by Mir Gwilliam-Parkes using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-03-0

Journey Through An Image uses the format of a book to take the viewer on an exploration of a single photograph. The photograph was taken as the camera travelled the length of a road, whilst being carried by the photographer. The shutter remained open throughout the entire journey, the journey took three minutes.

£19.95 (plus shipping)


Rahel Zoller
Kafka and I – and I

5.83 x 8.26 in. 47 pages, perfect bound
Printed by Lulu
Published by Rahel Zoller using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-05-4

The relationship between reader and text is an intimate and private exchange.
How would it look to make the readers‘ thoughts visible and could this effect
someone else‘s own perception of the text being read? In Kafka and I – and I,
Paula Kohlmann and Luke Haskett note their immediate reactions to Kafka‘s writing.

£9.00 (plus shipping)


Rahel Zoller
Skeleton Book

5 × 8 inches, 48 pages, perfect bound
Printed by Blurb
Published by Rahel Zoller using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-04-7

Skeleton Book is an exploration and illustration of the rules of book design.
It can therefore be seen as a kind of skeleton book.

£8.00 (plus shipping)

Roman Vasseur
Let Us Pray For Those Residing In The Designated Area

52 pages, 22.86 x 16.51 cm, full colour, digital print, perfect bound Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen @ T.U. studio Published by kynastonmcshine projects with Kingston University Distributed by kynastonmcshine and AND Public
ISBN 978-0-9568459-0-0

Art, democracy, state building, cinema and the spectre of ‘the public’ are entertained in this part fact part fiction account of the artists’role as Lead Artist for the Frederick Gibberd designed town of Harlow during 2009/10.  In this book the Artists Placement Groups ‘incidental person’ is led into new configurations of capital and art in a town designed as a total artwork and populated by the works of Moore, Chadwick and Hepworth. New writing by Matthew Poole and Roman Vasseur, with interview with curator Marie-Anne McQuay and Diann Bauer, Amanda Beech and Wayne Lloyd. Limited edition also available. Please contact kynastonmcshine projects for a copy.

£10 (plus shipping in the UK)


Zhujun Li
Filmic Journey

80 Pages, 20.5 x 14.5 cm, black & white, digital print, stapled
Printed by AND Recycled
Published by Zhujun Li using AND Public
ISBN 978-1-908452-02-3

Filmic Journey is a book based on experimentations with visual images and writing.
The visual images, which were taken during a long period of time, communicate with 
the writing in the book which happened simultaneously based on the images. It is trying
to construct a journey that goes through space and time by viewing the book as a film.

£10 (plus £2 shipping in the UK)

Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards
Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes

40 pages, size 26 x 40 cm, b&w, digital print, stapled
Designed by Eva Weinmayr
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-02-9

Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes uses the form
of the book to create a narrative arc from the constructions, sounds and memories of mix tape tracks. Elongated lines of text interspersed with hand drawn images reveal the precious associations of the mixed tape to relationships, those between people and between the tracks themselves.

£16 (plus £4 shipping in the UK)

Ruth Ewan
Don’t be a Robot

101 pages, A3, b&w, colour cover, digital print
& photocopy, screw bound
Designed by Eva Weinmayr
in collaboration with Ruth Ewan
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-05-0

Donʼt be a Robot brings together one hundred drawings by young people. The drawings are imitations of a cartoon by political cartographer and artist J.F. Horrabin, first published in the magazine of The Plebsʼ League in the 1920s. This compendium of cover versions forms a rich body of interpretations. As a homage to the work of Horrabin it illustrates the bind in learning itself – is there such a thing as a neutral education process?

£38 (plus £8 shipping in the UK)

Roman Vasseur
Mass For Real Estate

PowerPoint animation and pdf (co-written with Matthew Poole)
print-out, 12 page, A5, b&w, full colour, digital print, side stapled
Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen @ T.U. studio
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-07-4

Mass For Real Estate presents us with an animated Powerpoint and text built from a combination of words and images that take as their cue a 1948 prayer of dedication for a new post war settlement. Evocative of the actual project from which they came, the two elements depict real and fictional artworks that act as places for gathering a fictional community that is nevertheless material and always in a state of ʻbecomingʼ. The work is inspired by Vasseurʼs role as Lead Artist for Harlow New Town, from 2007- 2009.

Click here to view PowerPoint and PDF text
£10 (plus £2 shipping in the UK) for printed pamphlet and e-mailed PowerPoint

Neil Chapman

16 pages, 28 x 18.5 cm, b&w, digital print, clip fastened
Designed by Nia Murphy
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-03-6

Many of the books on your shelves have been important. They have been cited, engaged with and discussed. But there are some that remain more ambiguous in their contribution. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucaultʼs technique of ʻdiagonal readingʼ and taking Stanislaw Lemʼs Solaris as narrative context, Glossolaris proposes a procedure for writing. The procedure draws marginal research sources more firmly into work. Scenarios for a new book emerge. They do so like phenomena witnessed on the surface of a remote planet. The new book will not be written, the scenarios will exist as a plan.

£10 (plus £2 shipping in the UK)

Colm Lally and Sissu Tarka

100 pages, 21 x 14.8 cm, b&w, digital print, loose cards
Designed by the artists
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-06-7

PROOF-READING is an index of proofread pages from an artist book documenting the artists' actions during a residency in Banff, Canada, 2007. This first book, they felt, needed a further process to make transparent economies of making/publishing, systems of disconnections, the polyvocal, and established tactics of “improving content”.

PROOF-READING contains selected pages marked by the invited proofreaders: artists Yane Calovski, Cyril Lepetit, Edgar Schmitz and Anne Tallentire, composer Derek Charke and psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose.

£18 (plus £6 shipping in the UK)

Oliver Cronk
Monsters of the Wallace

20 pages, 17 x 17 cm, b, digital print, sewn
Designed by Eva Weinmayr
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-04-3

Monsters of the Wallace presents a dark and witty take on the notorious Wallace Art Collection in London. Conflating divergent materials photocopied from catalogues of the lustrous collection Cronk creates stark collages and texts telling us laconically about the life and digressions of the creatures he encountered there.

£10 (plus £2 shipping in the UK)

Print Matters Interest Group, CSM
Dear Google

Source publication:
34 pp, A4, b&w&r, colour cover, paper construction, silkscreen,
letterpress, office duplication, riso, sewn
Google scan: full colour, pdf
Designed and produced by the designers
Printed by Hato Press
ISBN 978-1-907840-01-2

Print Matters Interest Group, a group of BA Graphic Design students from Central Saint Martins, collaboratively produced Dear Google to explore the transition and (mis)readings when printed matter is made digital. The book is designed to be sent to Google to be scanned by hand and seen online as a digital book. Each bespoke page of this 'open letter' confronts the scanner (and the audience) with questions of the nature and ownership of content, and of how the book should be read and thus reproduced.

Amanda Beech, Jaspar
Joseph-Lester & Matthew Poole

Contingency of Curation
Symposium at Tate Britain, May 21st 2010

First published in 2010, 180 pages, soft cover

The Contingency of Curation is a project led by three groups of postgraduate curating students from Chelsea College of Art and Design, the University of Essex and Sheffield Hallam University.

Download pdf here

Gregory Sholette
Some Call It Art: From Imaginary Autonomy to Autonomous Collectivity
This essay was first presented at the conference “Dürfen die das?” organized by Stella Rollig and Eva Stürm for the OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria in March of 2000, 25 pages

A response to certain questions paraphrased as follows: What is the social value of art? Is it symbolic, or is art’s signifi cation something to manipulate, a strategyfor other, more practical, even political ends?

Download pdf here

Gregory Sholette
i am NOT my office
The project was first exhibited in Critical Mass at the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, 2002, 4 pages

i am NOT my office consisted of models, comics, drawings, and photographs based on an email questionnaire sent to people working in offices that asked them what type of “prosthetic” or super power they would like to possess in order to live out a personal fantasy while doing routine work on the job.

Download pdf here

Gregory Sholette
Counting On Your Collective Silence: Notes on Activist Art as Collaborative Practice
This essay first appeared in the November 1999 issue of Afterimage: The Journal of Media and Cultural Criticism, 13 pages

If collective incorporation is so unrelenting that it can be revealed by a machine, one might question why non-individual cultural activity is treated as the exception? Conversely, how can the artist be defined as an autonomous producer detached from politics, history, and the market?

Download pdf here

Gregory Sholette
Heart of Darkness: A Journey into the Dark Matter of the Art World
This essay was first published in the book Visual Worlds, John R. Hall, Blake Stimson & Lisa T. Becker editors, (NY & London: Routledge, 2005), 18 pages

Where are these informal artists and what impact might they have on contemporary culture if any and how would the hegemony of the art world be affected if scholars began to discuss the work of “Sunday” painters, amateur artists and hobbyists in terms similar to those used for “professional” artists?

Download pdf here