Mass for Real Estate exists as both an automated PowerPoint presentation and as a downloadable text co-written by Roman Vasseur and curator Matthew Poole. Click on cover to download.

Both elements of Mass for Real Estate take as their cue the words of a 1948 prayer of dedication for a new post war settlement and invokes the sensibility of a project that
was simultaneously futuristic, romantic, nostalgic and material; a new Jerusalem in the fields of an Arcadian England enabled and enthralled by the democracy of new technologies. The sampled words of the service signal a conflation of theology and policy expressed via the abstraction of land and its colonisation. It’s rhetoric is one of the pioneer and signals a commitment to a project that anticipates a bucolic Eden whilst it also suggests a level of undefined threat that galvanises the ‘us’ towards that promised garden of pre-industrialised kinship. Like the settlement that followed the prayer of dedication, the PowerPoint and the text depicts real and fictional artworks that act as places for gathering a fictional community that is nevertheless material and always in a state of ‘becoming’.

Roman Vasseur - Vasseur was Lead Artist for Harlow New Town, from 2007-2009. The town, entirely master-planned by the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd employed primarily sculpture, including early works by Moore and Hepworth as part of a process of state building with art at the core of the project. Vasseur was responsible for curating a series of projects for the town under the title Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area. A publication of the project under the same name is forthcoming.

Matthew Poole is an independent curator and Programme Director of Essex University’s Centre for Curatorial Studies and Director of the MA in Gallery Studies & Critical Curating. Poole is also Director of PoCA (Political Currency of Art Research Group), Goldsmiths College of Art, currently developing the research strand Anti-Humanist curating.

Mass For Real Estate

PowerPoint animation and pdf (co-written with Matthew Poole)
print-out, 12 page, A5, b&w, full colour, digital print, side stapled
Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen @ T.U. studio
Produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-07-4

£10 (includes shipping in the UK) for printed pamphlet and e-mailed PowerPoint