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The Piracy Project is an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the
philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of
reproduction. Through research and an international call for submissions The Project
has gathered a collection of more than 150 modified, appropriated and copied books
from all over the world.

The collection, which is catalogued online, is the starting point for talks and work
groups around the concept of originality, the notion of authorship and politics of
copyright. The next set of events will be hosted by The Showroom in London in 2013.
The Piracy Project is an collaboration between AND Publishing and Andrea Francke. 

The Piracy Project is not about stealing or forgery. It is about creating a platform
to innovatively explore the spectrum of copying, re-editing, translating, paraphrasing,
imitating, re-organising, manipulating of already existing works. Here creativity and
originality sit not in the borrowed material itself, but in the way it is handled.

If you are interested to submit a book project for the collection please email

A pirated Vargas Llosa novel bought in Lima, Peru in 2010, that went on sale
a week before the official version arrived in bookshops.