AND about

AND is a publishing activity run by women.

We are building a publishing organisation according to our own needs. It is personal, instant, messy and fun.

AND wants
We see publishing as part of our artistic, political and activist work. We explore pirate networks, underground distribution, radical feminist publishing, informal support structures. We experiment with diverse approaches and formats to investigate and destabilise the power structures we operate in.

We are not only interested in what is published, but also why, how and for whom. We firmly believe in the cultural and political importance for everyone to self-identify and speak for themselves, no matter what their colour, class, gender or age might be.

AND does
We commission work, collaborate, and (re-)publish material which is important to us. We like having conversations, online, offline and in print. We provide resources and advice, as well as access to skills, means of production and new ways of distribution. We offer one-to-one advice surgeries and workshops.

AND's distribution builds on our international network: you find our publications in book shops and independent publishing places across the world. We go to book fairs, have a touring AND Kiosk (currently at the ICA bookshop) and have an online shop, where you can order our new publications and those, which have been previously published.

AND is Eva Weinmayr, Rosalie Schweiker & Maria Guggenbichler.

AND was founded in 2009 by Lynn Harris & Eva Weinmayr and originally hosted at Byam Shaw School of Art (Central Saint Martins) in London to explore the technological, social, creative and educational possibilities of print-on-demand publishing. Andrea Francke keeps being an important on-and-off collaborator.

From 2011 — 2015 we worked on AND Public, a framework for the production and dissemination of self-published artworks/books through print on demand. For a small annual fee, AND Public provided conceptual and detailed assistance from the first stages of a publication to the final product and its distribution. From 2016 we will turn this activity into a more curated publishing programme.

AND studio is based in London and has a sister place, the Side Room, in Amsterdam.

AND is currently self-funded. In the past AND has been supported by Arts Council England, Central Saint Martins, SEED Fund (UAL), The Showroom London.

AND books can be found at these locations
Art Metropole, Toronto
Chelsea Special Collections, London
cneai, Paris
Donlon Books, London
East Side Projects, Birmnigham
e-flux book coop, New York
Half Letter Press, Chicago
ICA London
Luminous Books, London
Motto, Berlin
Musem of Modern Art Library, New York
Printed Matter, New York
section 7 Paris
Site Gallery, Sheffield
Werkplaats Typografie, Arnheim
X Marks the Bökship, London

AND Publishing
96 Teesdale Street
London E2 6PU